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Date:  April 11, 2009
From: Lee McPherron

You have seen them on the road, those cute little half size mini-Motor Homes that were sold several years ago- and still regret not looking into owning one of your own...

You dream briefly of adventure, a campsite in the woods or by the lake, snugly tucked in for the night in your RV...

Safe, warm, and comfortable, you sleep soundly, with only the wind or the sound of the waves... 

You have enjoyed an good meal, roasted a few marshmallows, or caught some trout...

Then the red light changes and you drive on...

"I should have bought a Toyota rv when they were around", you think regretfully as you watch one drive by...

"They still look like a lot of fun..." 

You go on about your business, sadly thinking that this weekend would be just like the last...


The Toyota Motorhome Handbook


Toyota Motor Home Handbook ebook will remove the mystery surrounding these durable little Motor Homes...

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What can I say?

I have read the toyota Motor Home handbook from cover to cover several times now.

My first impression is how much information it contains:
The history of the little camper that could.
Floor plans
Gas mileage - the real facts from actual records
What to look for when buying and what to run from.
The art and science of driving a Toy house.

It includes so much more -from how to stop leaks to how to light the pilot light.
It also includes websites of interest.

As you can tell I highly recommend this book.
As a matter of fact I cannot imagine anyone that is shopping
or any one that owns a toyota Motor Home not investing in this wealth of information.

Thanks so much for writing this book.

dana smith
toyota motor home

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Learn the history of the Toyota Motor Home - From the late 1970's through the mid 1990's many companies produced these nifty little campers. Discover the major manufacturers and the models they produced during the lifetime of the Toyota Motor Home.

  • Learn about the 5 major floor plans. - You will learn about the floor plan styles produced and how they might fit into your plans. You will be knowlegeable about the differences when you start looking for your own Toyota Motor Home.

  • Find out the truth about gas milage. - Don't be taken in by exaggerated claims of gas milage. Go shopping for your Toyota Motor Home armed with the facts about how much gas it actually takes to travel.

  • Learn about major problems inherent in all of these Motor Homes. - You will be able to shop with confidence after reading about a major problem that developed in the Toyota Motor Home. You will know what to look for to avoid having your RV adventure end in disaster.

  • Find out about repairing your Toyota Motor Home yourself and save major expenses. - Fix roof leaks your self and save major bucks you would spend having a RV dealer do the work. Learn about the operation of the appliances.

  • Read about an easy clean method of dumping the black water (sewage) tank. - One of the facts of life in using an RV is the tanks fill up. Discover a method that will let you empty your tanks at home in parked in your driveway cleanly, neatly, and without the messy drippy sewer slinky hose.

  • Watch over my shoulder as I repair major structural damage that resulted from a stupid mistake I made. - Learn what to do to prevent the same error that happened to me. See how you can make repairs to a wall structure in your Toyota Motor Home to save large amounts of money and get back on the road to adventure.

  • Discover how to find many Toyota Motor Homes for sale. - Learn all about the two main sources of leads on a Toyota Motor Home that is for sale. Go through step by step instructions to search the internet for opportunities.

  • There is a one stop source for information. - Find out about the support group that can provide priceless help and advice about your Toyota Motor Home.

Toyota Motor Home Handbook is perfect for anyone contemplating the purchase of one of these little gems. Fully illustrated with color photographs, it will provide you with the knowlege to shop and purchase the RV of your dreams.


If for any reason you feel you are not happy with the Toyota Motor Home Handbook, please contact me. I will refund your money. You have 180 days to decide.

Toyota Motor Home Handbook will save you money...

You will gain the knowlege necessary to find, purchase and enjoy one of the unique little Motor Homes...

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Please note:

This is not a print book . It is a computer file designed to be read on your computer screen. You can print the ebook on your printer if you want but it will be about 130 single sided pages.

Thank you,

Lee McPherron


Toyota Motor Home Owner Lee McPherron
250 S. Tomahawk Road
Apache Junction, AZ 85119

P.S. Remember, you will not find this type of information in any other ebook.

I am offering it to you as a service to all those who need to know how to purchase a Toyota Motor Home.

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